Kiana Pronk

Audio Engineer

Since 2018, I have been assisting various companies with audio analysis, identification and comparison. Additionally, I have been doing my training with company TCG Digital Forensics and educating myself with software systems such as Praat & Diamond Cut Forensics Audio Lab to assist in finding, analysing and recording evidence that is relevant to a case.

About Me

I was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. After becoming involved in the music scene in my high school years, I attended City Varsity School of Media and Creative Arts in Cape Town (CBD) 2016-2017.

I completed a 2-year Diploma in Sound Engineering and Graduated in March of 2018.

Audio Engineering Services

Graduating from City Varsity with a Sound Engineering qualification, I was trained in software such as Pro Tools, Cubase and Reason ReWire. I learnt various skills across these different software platforms for different purposes of work. Wanting to push my skills further I was very interested in the science of audio, as well as the forensics. This became the driving force that led me to link up with TCG (The Computer Guys), where I am moving into the field of forensic investigation and software. I use Diamond Cut Forensics Audio Laborotory and cross-examine with Praat.


The work that I have done for companies and what I do.

What’s doable in an Audio Investigation?

What’s doable in an Audio Investigation?

Originally posted on the TCG blog, on the 11th September 2019. "Audio forensics and investigations are defined as the field of digital forensics that is related to the acquisition, analysis, and evaluation of sound recordings. The results of an audio investigation are...

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