Originally posted on the TCG blog, on the 11th September 2019.

“Audio forensics and investigations are defined as the field of digital forensics that is related to the acquisition, analysis, and evaluation of sound recordings. The results of an audio investigation are usually presented as evidence in court cases, whether they come from a criminal investigation or part of an official inquiry.

We spoke to Sound Engineer, Kiana Schulla Pronk, to find out all there is to know about what is doable in an audio investigation.

I was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. After becoming involved in the music scene in my high school years, I attended City Varsity School of Media and Creative Arts in Cape Town (CBD) 2016 – 2017. I completed a 2-year Diploma in Sound Engineering and graduated in March of 2018.

This institution had the resources to train us and give us the tools to become an expert in the field that we study, to which I chose Sound Engineering. For 2 years, I studied full time and underwent training to become an Audio Engineer.

Within the two years of studying at this institution. We learned the basics of the broad spectrum, categorising it into a few sectors – all with sound-based, but different processes. Our different categories would differ between Live Sound (concerts), Film Audio Engineer, Mastering and Production, Composition and Post Production.

Where I felt my strengths were was in the post-production sector, analysing audio, as well as cleaning ‘noisy’ audio as well as the Sound Design sector.

I am proficient in DAW Systems such as Pro Tools, Cubase and Reason Rewire. Frequency hearing tests and analysing sound on various frequencies were part of my training.

Since the year 2018, I have been assisting various companies with audio analysis, identification, and comparison. Additionally, I have been doing my training with the company TCG Digital Forensics and educating myself with software systems such as Praat & Diamond Cut Forensics Audio Lab to assist in finding, analysing and recording evidence that is relevant to a case.

In analysing Audio with the above-mentioned software, we have the tools to:

Forensics Audio Authentication, Voice-Printing & Formant Analysis
File Transcription / Time Expansion / Speed and/or Pitch Change
Audio Restoration & Enhancement
Audio Editing & Voice Garbling / Voice Disguising
Audio & Acoustical Measurements
Audio File Format Conversions
Statistical Measurement Tools

Any piece of audio recording can be looked at and with the information on how the audio piece is recorded, can already give investigators hints/tip offs in disciplinary hearings or official court cases.

I am currently rendering services to:

Company Name: TCG Digital Forensics (Craig Pedersen)
Location: 32 Woodbridge Business park, 452 Koeberg Road, Milnerton, 7441
Tel: +27 21 110 0422 | Mobile: +27 79 691 0138
Email: contact@tcgforensics.co.za
Website:  www.tcgforensics.co.za

Company Name: TSU International – K&E Division (Adv Herman Bosman)
Location: 17 Main Road, Strand, 7140
Tel: +27 21 492 5951 / Mobile: +27 82 857 6096
Email: k.e1@tsuint.com
Website:  www.tsuint.com